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Thread: Flightsuit security - the 10lb challenge

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    Flightsuit security - the 10lb challenge

    Anyone who's ever wondered about the security of the Velcro attachment strip that the Flightsuits use for attaching the leash...

    Please, Watch this


    LOL! Please excuse the stumbling-
    but it seems as though it was going to happen one way or the other
    - either verbal or physical....

    ((It's hard to concentrate on one's lines when one is trying to operate the camera while trying not to trip over the props that had been already set up.))

    Please Note:

    The direction that the Leash's eyelet strip is attached to the suit is important.

    It should always be attached with the Eyelet towards the bird's tail.

    That way, should your FID be startled or spooked into flight,
    the forces at work are trying to pull the Velcro strip in the center straight out of it's "sandwich",
    rather than trying to peel back the top slice.
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    Re: Flightsuit security - the 10lb challenge

    That was totally awesome! You did a good job

    I'm a huge fan of the flight suits, I have 3 , 2 for the Quaker (so far only one wears it but it takes much time and effort because well he's scared of everything we've had him 2 years and the flight suit just about the same ) and i have one for the lovebirds, haven't used it on them yet though

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