I bought some Avinol (synphenol-3) concentrate from BirdStuff, a nice bird store in my town, and man - I love it!

I've posted about this before, but having used it on a regular basis - I'm now using it for most cleaning purposes even outside the bird room.

It does a fantastic job on glass and acrylic and leaves no streaks...I feel a lot better using it on countertops than I do Clorox spray...and as long as the birds aren't in the room I don't have to worry about their exposure to it. Just give the surface a moment to air out after you dry it and voila.

I know you can buy concentrate online...I just don't know where.

I still use Ajax powder in the bathroom, but that's the only time I have to seal off the area for the birds.

The one downside of Avinol is that it will not take off fingerprints/oils...so you have to use a regular cleaning product (the vet uses a tiny dab of Windex) to get those off.

Just a note on something that has simplified my life greatly.