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Thread: My love bird bites! need help

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    My love bird bites! need help

    I need help my love bird bites me!!!! she is not all the way hand tamed yet but I cand hold her in my arms so what should i do when she bites and hand onto my finger? please helpa thanks.


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    Re: My love bird bites! need help

    When she bites your finger try your best to show no reaction, fingers are to fleshy so hopefully he won't be able to get a good grip.

    Say a strong no to him when she bites.

    Offer him millet and other food from your fingers.

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    Re: My love bird bites! need help

    My bird is pretty good about not biting much but when she does clamp down too hard I basicly just yell like I'm in horrible pain ...it makes her stop biting and look up at me immediatly...that seems to work pretty good.

    I'll also just grab her beak and hold on sometimes if she gets in an aggressive mood....that seems to be effective too.

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    Re: My love bird bites! need help

    You could try to show no reaction when she does it. Also, try not to move your hand away cause that'll teach her that biting makes you go away. I agree that grabbing their beaks when they're overly aggressive works too.

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    Re: My love bird bites! need help

    Even though grabbing thier beak may work to stop the biting at the time its not a good habit to get into. Birds will then view your fingers and hands as something mean or feel threatened by you when they see your hands and fingers coming towards them. The idea is to get your lovebird to like your fingers and hands and not feel threatened by them.

    I use bitter apple often, its a taste deterrent you can buy at any pet store.I spray it all over my hands before i handle my biters. Honestly, I have a couple birds who dont care about it, they bite anyways but more often then not the birds will start associating your fingers with a really really nasty tase! Good luck keep us posted!

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