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Thread: sibling mating

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    sibling mating

    I have posted before about my babies which are all fine and now leaving home. Have another situation. The first time the parents bred they had 3 babies which I kept. I had the 3 in the same cage for almost a year. They started fighting so I took the aggressor out. She started laying eggs so I bought a young male for her. They are happy together. The other 2 I left together. They seemed very attached. I thought they were both female, so did my vet but they were very young when he checked them. I discovered last week that Dahlia is definitely a male. They are mating and have laid 2 eggs. I took the first away than read I shouldn't do that. The second was laid yesterday. I do not have a box on there and have not encourage breeding. I left this egg to get some advice. I do not want to give either up and I don't really want to seperate them. They have been attached since birth. I have read different opinions. My vet says it's ok in birds just not cats and dogs but I dont' feel that it is ok. Hoping for some knowledgeable advice.

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    Re: sibling mating

    I got my two peach-faced lovebirds from a local breeder. She had many different parents breeding and put the eggs all together. They are now almost a year and the female (sunny) has laid about 10 eggs. One hatched. There is a chance that they are siblings. Advice?

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    Re: sibling mating

    Yes, I also agree with Lucy. You could have two females. Birds can mimic behavior of opposite sex, so they could have looked like they were mating. That probably got the hormones going and one laid the eggs. The other one, if a female, could lay eggs too.

    Take a piece of paper towel, and fold it up, place it in a cage corner, and place the eggs on top of the paper towel. You should not through any of the eggs away for about 30 days. If you definitely do not want babies right now, just in case you do have a male and female, boil any eggs laid, and put them back on the paper towel. The hen needs to set with them, because if you throw them out, she will immediately lay more. If she abandons them and or no longer is interested in them before the 30 days are up, then you can remove them. If not, leave them with her for 30 days.

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