I have posted before about my babies which are all fine and now leaving home. Have another situation. The first time the parents bred they had 3 babies which I kept. I had the 3 in the same cage for almost a year. They started fighting so I took the aggressor out. She started laying eggs so I bought a young male for her. They are happy together. The other 2 I left together. They seemed very attached. I thought they were both female, so did my vet but they were very young when he checked them. I discovered last week that Dahlia is definitely a male. They are mating and have laid 2 eggs. I took the first away than read I shouldn't do that. The second was laid yesterday. I do not have a box on there and have not encourage breeding. I left this egg to get some advice. I do not want to give either up and I don't really want to seperate them. They have been attached since birth. I have read different opinions. My vet says it's ok in birds just not cats and dogs but I dont' feel that it is ok. Hoping for some knowledgeable advice.