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Thread: nest boxes

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    nest boxes

    i have two pairs of lovebirds in a big aviary outside .i have two nest boxes and one of my pairs are taking both .they will go to a nest box and the other pair will try go to the other nest box and then they will fly over and chase them out or one of my pair will sit in one and the other (of the same pair) will stay in the other

    any help would be great


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    Re: nest boxes

    Rule of thumb for colony breeding lovebirds is even number of birds but odd number of pairs. While this is not etched in granite, it tends to work best for exactly the reason you are seeing right now. You can try adding a few more nestboxes (same size, same height from the ground but on opposite sides of the flight) and see what happens or you can section off the flight into 2 cages so that each pair has its own space. Keep in mind that once a colony is set up, birds cannot be added. These are just a few reasons why I pair breed rather than colony breed. The only species of Lovebird that seems to do exceptionally well in a colony situation is the Black Cheek.

    Linda L.
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