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Thread: good classroom pet?

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    Re: good classroom pet?

    Actually i think hamsters are good- so long as they are a well bred syrian.

    You would need three cages. One at home, one in class and one to transport.

    If you got a female syrian baby towards the back end of the summer hols you would have time for it to get used to being handled (mine only ever bit in the first week or so before they understood that hands were safe and good sources of treats!) and they adpat really well to daytime rhthyms. Hamsters are only nocturnal by neccessity of their environment. If you were short, furry and good eating and lived surrounded by predators you would hide in daylight too!

    The point is they adapt REALLY well to daytime living. All mine were on daytime hours within a few days. I just fed them at breakfast, and they tended to stay up. And the last syrian I had was well over 4 and a half when she passed from old age. and that is REALLY old for a syrian!

    I say female because they tend to be slightly larger, more inquisitive and highly interactive whereas the boys are quieter, lazier and tend to sleep a lot more. Of course this is crass generalistation, but I've found to be true.

    this is of course, assuming the rat and mice reaction of your assistant doesnt extend to hamsters...

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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    Re: good classroom pet?

    You'll get lots of experience, there will be lots to write about, and you'll be able to choose better in the end. I just loved the time we borrowed another class' pet rabbit! He was hilarious and very friendly, but the kids realized quickly what an amount of caring went into keeping his cage clean, his teeth properly cared for, getting the proper food, putting him to bed at night, and making sure he was safe in a classroom of shoelaces and electrical cords. We had lots of adventures, wrote lots of stories, read lots of...

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    Re: good classroom pet?

    What about a pair of Doves? Or a fancy Pigeon? If gotten young, they can be very loveable pets, they really cant bite or cause damage. Easy to care for - not as needy as parrots.

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    Re: good classroom pet?

    With all the issues possible you posted above, I would not bring a pet for a steady resident there. Just bring one for the day or when they allow you to. As for what type, it would be based on best temperment, not species for me.

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