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Thread: Out Aviaries in winter

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    Re: Out Aviaries in winter

    Quote Originally Posted by di_dee1 View Post
    You are in Qld,Sam. Most there complain that 16c is cold, lol.
    We got to -1 here, I thought that was quite a feat
    But yes, max daytime temps are more bearable than what you would endure

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    Re: Out Aviaries in winter

    Have you maybe thought about draping a pig blanket on one side? They are used for large tortoises that winter outside and are durable. They do have a plug and they are kinda spendy but I would think they would be every bit as effective for birds. My only other thought was a ceramic heat emitter.

    Here is a link of a company i have used:


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    Re: Out Aviaries in winter

    Quote Originally Posted by cool_flame18 View Post
    Hi guys a lot of you have outdoor aviaries. I have one as well and its been quite cold here in Sydney at night. Nearly 0 degrees C. I was wondering what you guys do to keep your birds warm outside the house. It just isn't safe for me a run a power line outside and leave a heating implement on overnight. I have the aviary fully covered but I was wondering what else you guys do to keep the birds warm during winter.
    I buy the industrial sized cling film and go round and round and round the aviary, it's 2x2metres. I cover the top 3/4 so that it is protected from the rain and wind but has plenty ventilation, you can see the birds and they receive the daylight. Works well for my budgies and zebra finches.

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