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Thread: Can I house my cockatiels with a green cheek conure??

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    Question Can I house my cockatiels with a green cheek conure??

    My plan was in a few months to house my cockatiels with the green cheek conure I am getting today.
    This is how big my cage is (31" L X 20.5" W X 52" H)
    Will they be okay??

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    Re: Can I house my cockatiels with a green cheek conure??

    Probably not.

    This may depend on your birds, but I think not a good idea.
    I cannot say I have heard of anybody doing this, and I am sure you would not be the first.
    If you were talking an aviary then it could work. But again only by doing so and responding accordingly will you know.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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