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Thread: cockatiel starting to be agressive

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    cockatiel starting to be agressive

    Hello all, my 5 month old (this coming 11th) tiel MoMo has started to become very aggressive when It's time for him to go into his cage and get on my finger. I have him out at least a couple times every day on my shoulder and chest, but recently he has started to hiss and bite at me when I put my hand near him to get "up" on my finger to get in his cage. He was never aggressive until recently. Hes a real sweetheart otherwise, preening me,cuddling me and whistling at me. EXCEPT when its time for him to go in his cage lol. Any ideas? Id like to add that he will willingly get on my finger when its obvious im not putting him in his cage.

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    Re: cockatiel starting to be agressive

    He does not want to go to his cage. You have to find ways that will make him want to. positive reinforcements in baby steps to achieve that goal. Some kind of treat when he does step up without biting, a few steps towards cage and a treat again if he shows no aggression. Back off and back step when he shows signs of being agitated etc etc till you get to the cage. Maybe have some treat waiting in there for when he does so he associates going back there with good things.
    Maybe a stick to get him on to, a treat, back to cage, a treat in there will also associate for him that this is cage time.

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    Re: cockatiel starting to be agressive

    I agree with di. He does not want to go home. But you have to get him to go home on his own. This is how I train them to go home. I say “home” and put them in there cage and give them a treat. I keep doing this as much as possible. I will even put a peace of fruit in their cage or a treat like raisins. Works every single time. All I have to say is “home”.

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