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Thread: Wild Kakarikis... *pic*

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    Arrow Wild Kakarikis... *pic*

    GOSH Cheryl... we totally do have wild Kaks, thus i can repossess them and they will be fine!

    this is a picture my cousin took from her trip down south the other day


    ok so i lie, this was taken a wildlife park... but thats not the point!

    she is working on getting me some pics of wild kaks are she sees them near her place
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    Re: Wild Kakarikis... *pic*

    LOL Awww he sure is handsome though!!! I wish we had wonderful exotic birds in our wild.... We have plain old black birds, piegions, magpies and the common sparrow and robbins... *sigh* You people in NZ and you aussies are so lucky!!!
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