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Thread: green cheek????

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    green cheek????

    Hi everyone! I am interested in getting another bird (presently own a budgie) and need some insight from all you more experienced bird lovers! I am looking for a family pet. I have children who would like to be able to handle/play with the bird as well as myself and my husband. I am interested in the green cheek conure as well as caiques, pionus, poicephalus, and quakers. I would be grateful for any comparison of these different birds and which ones might be the best for a family. I want an affectionate bird that is playful and likes to be handled...as well as one that is sweet and not nippy. Thanks! Jules

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    Re: green cheek????

    Congratulations on your decision to add another family member!

    I've got a jenday conure and she can get nippy with my 3-1/2 year old but never actually bites her.
    I have both heard and read that green-cheeks are much better about this and since they're a little smaller...

    I've also read REALLY good things about compatibility between quakers and families with even very small children, but I've had no experience with them presonally. I hope to one of these days though- they're so crazy!

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    Re: green cheek????

    I live with tiels, budgies, a conure, a quaker, and a pionus. Of all of them, I'd say the best family bird would be a tiel or a budgie. Of the few you mentioned, I'd say a conure, or maybe even a caique. Conures are very feisty and require a lot of attention..they're always up to some antic that will surely amuse your children. However, they are loud, and do tend to be nippy--green cheeks are known to go through two nippy stages early on in life. I don't know much about caiques, but I know they're also very social and active. Quakers tend to be one person birds and not good beginner birds, especially if not properly socialized. I would definitely not recommend them for kids. Pionuses are shy, less active, quieter birds, but they can sometimes be nervous with new situation and children.
    Keep in mind that not every bird is the same, so don't go into any of this with a set bird personality in mind. My advice to you would be to shop around, and interact with lots of birds. Do you live near any breeders or bird stores? Keep browsing this site, there's lots of info...good luck, and keep us posted!!!


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