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Thread: Well my leg is finaly getting better

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    Birdlady Moulting Limpyduckling's Avatar
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    Well my leg is finaly getting better

    After the experience with the surgion the other day I was shaking in my boots when I walked in his office yesterday. I asked him what he used on me that was so painful . He said it was a q tip. I told him to keep them in his pocket.
    I didn't have to have it cut open. Thank God! It is finally going down and the pain is a lot better. My med doc said it wasn't the diabetes that caused it. So I was glad of that. She said It was a staph infection of the skin resistant to antibiotics. She said that stuff is everywhere. She wants me to get some hibiclense. More antibiotics and bactra ban to put up my nose. maybe to protect my lungs I don't know

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    Re: Well my leg is finaly getting better

    Staph infections are so scarey. A co worker of mine got one a couple years ago, on his leg as well.

    Hope it heals up fine.

    As for the nose thing, I have no idea what that is about....
    "I will lend to you, a Bird", God said, "and teach you all you have to do. And when I call him back to heaven, you will know he loved you too."

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    Re: Well my leg is finaly getting better

    I had a staph infection on my finger. I got it from a hang nail. I had to take antibiotics too. I was a couple yeas younger and it was really scary. Even though it was nothing, everything up to that point that I head about staff was bad.

    R.I.P Nikko.

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