So we finally got a new budgie a little over a month ago - Ori, a beautiful light blue male with a very sweet and gentle personality. We picked him out of the bunch at the store because he was the most active. He played with everything and everyone, and when nobody wanted to play, he made up his own games.

We just moved him in with Lily, after a very good introduction (see photos below). They played, preened, and were generally overflowing with excitement to finally meet.

However, now that they're in the same cage, they're completely different birds. They hardly play, almost never talk, and spend most of the day preening and sleeping. Lily has become aggressive with me - she used to preen me, cuddle, play with me, beg for head scratches, and now she just attacks me anytime I come near. She's not interested in playing with Ori anytime he tries. She lets him eat out of the dishes, but absolutely will not share her favorite treats with him out of the veggie bowl.

I'm not sure what to make of it. They loved each other until the moment they moved in. I'm hoping they just need time to adjust to the new environment (it's only been a few days). I also took out Lily's favorite mirror toy, and that might be making her depressed as well (we tried this once before when she was alone, and I ended up having to put it back in to cheer her up). And Ori has no flight feathers (the vet trimmed too many, and molting took care of the rest), so he can't keep up with her sometimes.

Since they are not fighting too bad and Ori is able to eat, I'm keeping an eye on them to see if they adjust over the next week. If not, I may separate them and try again when Ori is fully-flighted. We'll have to see.

Anyway though, here are some pictures! They make a beautiful pair.

Lily scared of the flash:

Ori preening Lily:

Sharing some millet:

Posing for the camera!

Ori wearing his first meal of sprouts: