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Thread: Zebra finches, anyone?

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    Zebra finches, anyone?

    In a week or two I should be recieving a zebra finch pair, along with any supplies the breeder says I'll need. That includes nests, perches, a swing, some sort of baby formula, pellets, seed, nesting material, and of course the birds. I already have the cage and dishes all set up!

    The male is white, and the female is a CFW (chesnut flanked white), so I think they'll be a beautiful pair since I absolutely adore white animals. I'm so excited, every little email I recieve from her just makes my day!! She's even offered me a free second pair, but I said one was just fine. After all, I hear they breed a lot and I'd rather keep babies I'd raised than get another pair.

    Does anyone have any tips, advice, or stories on these little birdies? I've only ever had cockatiels, so this is a new experience for me!

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    Re: Zebra finches, anyone?

    they are great
    and the do breed a lot... they never stop... in fact you will have to get another cage and separate males and females before long - otherwise they will just pop babies out non-stop...

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    Re: Zebra finches, anyone?

    Hehe, sounds like I'll be busy raising some chicks, huh? Although I'll probably not let them raise more than three clutches per year, in case it's too hard on the female. We do have a spare cage downstairs, so if they need to be separated it can be done!

    And do they sing? Are their noises bothering, or comforting? I don't mind little chirps at all, but noise like a cockatiel's scream I can't stand.

    Yes, I've got lots of questions up my sleeve.

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    Re: Zebra finches, anyone?

    They don't really sing, just make a funny sound, like squeezing a dogs sqeaky toy.

    It is constant though so a lot of people find it annoying, I find it nice and soothing.

    To slow them down on breeding don't offer a nest box, they'll happily sleep on the perches so they don't need them. It's best to get bowls that fit on the outside of the cage, with an opening so they can get at the food, this stops them nesting in the food bowl (which I've seen too many times).

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    Re: Zebra finches, anyone?

    Totally agree with everyone! Zebra finches breed like rabbits! They generally raise 5-6 chicks per clutch and the breed NON-STOP! These birds are really good a nest building. I used to give my finches some nesting material and small pieces of cotton wool to build with. Also, once they have started laying eggs REMOVE all EXCESS nesting material, because they are just *too keen* with building nests, they will just keep piling the nesting material ON TOP of the eggs.... meaning none of the eggs will hatch.

    These birds don't really 'sing', they make a sort of soft "beeping" noises. heehee they are not noisy at all. actually, I find it quite entertaining when you have several of them beeping at each other.:haha
    hope it helps.

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    Re: Zebra finches, anyone?

    Just wanted to say that we went out and bought a pair; we just couldn't wait any longer.

    Here's Kira, the gray female. She's the instigator of the two, and eats nearly constantly..

    And this is Sano, the gray male. He's much more shy and flighty, but is very cute and likes to do whatever Kira is getting herself into.

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    Re: Zebra finches, anyone?

    well, i've never really known much about the little birds. but when i was at my old house from when i was born till i was 4 i remember my dad making a huge ariary (12 metres in length and 2 or 2 1/2 in width.) the shape was like this: ignor the dots they are just so the picture will turn out the was i want it


    . it was humungus! (or however you spell it) we had canaries and zebra finches and quails. we had other sorts of finches too but i cant remember their names. pretty red cheeked ones and rainbow coloured ones and all sorts.
    dad wanted canaries and finches coz he always loved the sound of little birds and the canaries amazing singing to wake up to every morning. and well the quails were for us (the kids) pleasure, you know waking up in the morning and looking inside the aviary from the outside trying to spot the quail eggs.
    they were well pretected with a huge gazebo over them to sit under and enjoy them and it was shaped like i tryed to show ^ soo it would sorta give us the effect of being in with them while we sat there. we had ferns growing and it was beautiful.

    anyway. the finches and canaries and quails we bred. or they sorta just bred themselves. it was great, baby birds all the time and we never sold many. mainly gave them to our friends who we thought (knew) we can trust with them. we kept the rest, coz that is why we made a huge aviary, so we could have lots of birds.

    anyway. getting round to it.
    we never took the babies out and fed them ourselves, so they kept a good instinced (sorry about the spelling* ).
    we found they did a great job of parenting, just don't touch the eggs to much or scare them away from the nest or the will leave or kick out the eggs. don't be sad if they do kick out some eggs, they are dud or they feel disturbed. or simply arn't used to this parenting stuff.

    they seem to get alone well with each other butt sometimes you will get the few males fighting over a female or a nest, so make sure you have plenty.

    if you move your birds into an aviary:

    have you heard about people saying they nests are fairy flimsy about doves, canaries and finches?
    ya well its true. they are kinda flimsy, but i've heard its hard to make em have babies in a nest or even a weaved nests you can buy at local pet stores. i personaly would not know what the nest boxes are like but i know the weaved nests you can find are good. but i serpose that depends on what the bird wants.
    we found they tend to like to make their own nests. so to help solve this prob we decided tall grassy shrubs that quails like to hid in and under and we got bambo and planted that too. they liked getting the dried stuff which is like a wheat grass and useing it to make a nest (weaving it blabla blaa). you could give them some at the bottom of there cage. i'm sure you can buy it and simalar nesting material (they will show you what kind you can use for finches, it doesn't really matter what you use as long as they can use it.) from city farmers and places simalar if you cand find some growing on a vacant block on the corner.

    anyway we got this idea. what if we got a metre of 3" by 3" square wire mesh (you can buy it at the hardware where you get your normal aviary wire from) and join the sides together to make a cilender and put wooden dowls through it randomly but evenly and putt a whole heap of that wheat grass stuff packed into it and poke some small holes in it and hang it up.
    the grassy stuff acts as a huge nesting area and they can pick a spot in it where they want to make nest so they have a choice and pick through it making a tunnel to nest in, while the wooden dowls act as support on the wheaty grass stuff which they make a nest in, and the wire holds in the wheaty grass stuff and gives you something to attach the dowls to firmly.
    then can be hung up in the middle of the aviay. we did this at our new home and it works a treat. they get to choose the spot they want to nest in, its made out of what they would spend alot of time gathering up to make a nest in a tree, its ruduces the chances of the eggs or babies falling out coz the dowls and the whole thing being one huge nest gives it more support. and you only have one nest that can be used for several pairs.

    wow, sorry i didn't realise how much i've written, sorry. i get lost in my thinking about birds.

    it will be my luck that none of this will help you what so ever.

    but i hope it does.



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