So yesturday the family friend Jes came over. She wanted a baby tiel from me if they had more eggs. And i told everyone i wouldnt dare give her a baby if they did.
So she tells me at dinner she asked this person who "catches parrots when people release them" and he rescues birds. I dont know if thats true but she said thats what he does for a livin. I go u know grays are different then a tiel? She goes ive had a tiel before and ive had budgies. SHe is the KNOW IT ALL type. And i go but aan african gray isnt like those. They are loud, expensive, needa alot of attention, and they will pluck their feathers out. SHe goes well theres nothing wrong with a naked bird!!!
I swear that pissssed me off.
she goes my mothers dog used to have a skin rash in an area and not have fur. we would rub skin, and she was laughing makign it a joke. I go "but this would obviously mean the bird is stressed and ur not doign something about it. and plucking hurts the bird. "
If i dont trust her with a tiel.. h
ow the hell can i trust her getting a gray? it just made me so mad i stopped talking to her and everyone. And a few mins she goes someone got quiet. My bf goes i think shes ****** at u about the plucking thing.. right in front of everyone at the table. See my bf knows me so well. i wasnt even looking at him and he already knew.

so to sum up the story.. i hope she doesnt get a gray. But she talks stuff that i dont know if i can believe her or not and she thinks she is always correct.