...My dear Sweet Pea

I have a sad story to share, talking about those left behind, made me think of our poor sweet pea. A bird that I rescued earlier this year, and a poem I wrote for her, from her perspective to the perps who left her behind...Long story short, I got a call that a bird needed to be rescued. It had been left in a house and was almost dead. Through much effort she survived a short time and then passed. After she died I wrote this poem and sent a copy to her perps, who are now in jail. ...

To my assasins By: Sweet Pea

What was my life worth to you? and why would you not pay?
How far would you really go? if I got sick today?
I wasnt a very pretty bird, but my expences were so cheap,
But whats the price you put on life? for something that you keep?
Why did you leave me all alone? when my heart still had a beat?
Why did you abandon me? was I not just as sweet?
I'm sorry I wasn't born from a beautiful golden egg,
Why didn't you care for me? because I didn't plead and beg?
I depended on you to help me, as I couldn't help myself,
But you couldn't take the needed step, so you left me on a shelf!
Today I finally get to go "home", as my new mamma looks me in the eye,
I knew true love if only for a moment, and I knew it was safe to die.

my dear Sweat Pea, may your tiny soul always fly free in my heart and your body always rest in peace. You have earned your passage to the rainbow bridge, and so today I set you free. Love you always, your cockatiel mamma, Ruth