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Thread: Stopping the Lovebirds from breeding...

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    Stopping the Lovebirds from breeding...

    I think its come to a time when enough birds is enough, I'm moving the stopping of the breeding to this clutch of the year cause it has come to a point when there is just too many, I know I could house more but think 14 lovebirds will do me just fine!

    So I need to stop them, obviously not now, there are 3 babies in the green pf that have just opened their eyes and 2 babies in the lutino box that are only a couple days old so lovebird fledging age being about 6 weeks that or more is how long from now that I have to stop them. Obviously they use the boxes also for brooding but its not going to be possible with them trying to breed, so I have created a shelter with a covered top but a perched bottom which should cover them up, some of the babies are actually sleeping there now.

    Reading around on the net I've heard a couple things here and there, the main thing being removing nest boxes obviously and all nesting material which isn't a problem but another is reducing hours of daylight, which is practically impossible because they're in an outdoor aviary. I can achieve this but what I think my problem will be is the timing of when I stop them, I certainly won't be getting rid of little babies, and hopefully not any eggs. So could I possibly run into another clutch when I'm about to get rid of the boxes in the next 6-7 weeks?

    I'm also a little confused about what the mothers will do, wouldn't they still lay eggs, but on the floor? What happens if they do hatch.. could this pose a problem in the future?

    Anyway just watching them, the green pf mother, Flea, had not been out much but since a couple weeks ago it has been nice to see her out of the box with their much older baby JoJo who is about 8 weeks old I think.

    Help would be greatly appreciated,

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    Re: Stopping the Lovebirds from breeding...

    Best thing is to intervene. Thats pretty much all you can do.

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    Re: Stopping the Lovebirds from breeding...

    you could shake any new eggs so they wont be fertile

    i think pulling the nest boxes and nesting materials and replacing them with some new toys to give them something else to play with will probably do it

    Failing that breed them all and let me and Lee have lotsa cute baby lovies to play with lol

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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