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Thread: Widget - my baby Jenday Conure

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    Widget - my baby Jenday Conure

    Thank you all for your great support, I was worried about criticism because I didn't go through a breeder. The people at the pet store were sorry to see this little guy go. He was hatched on 4/21/09, so he is still a baby. He is getting a little louder, but is manageable at the moment. He truly is a delight. The climbing has improved greatly around the cage, not intimidated at all the toys and stuff, I keep removing stuff I think might be in his way, to save for another time. He has even tried the flying thing from the playtop a couple of times, he is of course clipped so you can imagine how well this goes.

    He never seems unduly frightened when I do have to pick him up for whatever reason and he has learned not to pick at my rings or watch. Stepping up is second nature to him, in fact I can't pet his chest at all because he steps up, is that normal, I think maybe it might be. I can spread his wings, pet his chest under the wings and he even lets me pet his tail.

    They fed mostly a seed mixture at the store and I am weaning him/her (?) over to pellets, I am also feeding a bean mixture that is cooked, and will try egg in the am. He doesn't really do too much with the fruit and veggies unless you hand feed it to him, then he is a happy camper, also will eat more of the fresh stuff later in the day instead of first thing. I'm putting in the bean/fresh stuff mixture first thing in the am, before I Ieave for work, then my husband is putting in the dish with pellets/seed mixture before he leaves (about two hours later).

    I am amazed at how well he goes to sleep, I put him in a smaller, isolated cage with a cover over it and he seems to go right to sleep, and is quiet until whenever I open it back up in the morning. THIS is one habit I hope will stay the same, lol! Put him to bed at 8-9 pm and then get him up at 6am to go to his other cage and have breakfast.

    The only real screeching we have heard is when someone comes in, he has to say hello until you go talk to him, then he goes back to whatever he was doing before we disturbed him... He is also starting to make new noises and is very vocal with his little voice when you are holding him (I keep telling him how much I love his "quiet voice"). Nothing understandable, but he does repeat the same sound when prompted to say certain things, so I think it's a start.

    Anyway, so far so good...will keep you posted and thanks for the good wishes and support.


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    Re: Widget - my baby Jenday Conure

    Wow, it sounds like you are doing a great job . Looks like this is gonna be one spoiled fid .
    And don't worry about the pet store thing. While many (most) here don't like chain pet stores and it is better to get a bird from a breeder, it's up to YOU where you get your baby from. No one is going to look down on you for it. 3 of my fids are from a chain pet store .

    It's great that he/she steps up already! My Gold Capped Conure, Olive, always steps up too, it's a good thing, encourage it . And that's around what time my fids go to bed and wake up, he will probably stick to that schedule. He probably won't get much louder, usually single Suns aren't too bad. Just make sure you show him how to be independent and knows how to keep himself busy when you aren't there to play with him, to prevent 'velcro-syndrome'. If he becomes too dependent on you , it could lead to behavioral problems, like constant screaming when you aren't near him. but it sounds like you are doing everything right .

    One problem though.... no pictures .
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    Re: Widget - my baby Jenday Conure

    Congrats Would definitely love pics!

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    Re: Widget - my baby Jenday Conure

    Sounds like Widget (what a cute name) is settling in nicely!! Thanks so much for the well-written description of this. Hmm....pics???? We want pics!!

    - mae

    p.s. My current and last birds (both budgies) did the automatic step up thing. I can't pet Ziggy's tummy either, and she looks confused if I try to keep her from stepping up...so I just let it be.

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