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Thread: snake plant perch??

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    snake plant perch??

    Hi, my cooper loves to sleep on the bottom of his cage which is an uncomfy metal grate.I, of course bought 2 happy huts for him, in which it looks like I wasted my money after I read what you guys wrote here .So I was thinking about a leaf from my snake (mother-in-laws-tongue)plant to put in a lower corner.It says their safe for birds and non-toxic, but I wanted to check with you experts first:haha

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    Re: snake plant perch??

    Hmmmmmmmmmm......I can't find anything that says a "snake plant" is poisonous, but apparently, a plant called "White Snake Root" is. Here is a picture of it: cal.nbc.upenn.edu/poison/plants/ppwhite.htm

    Here, also, is a list of poisonous plants: www.birdsnways.com/articles/plntstox.htm
    That list, however, may not have all the poisonous plants on it. Is there another name for the plant? Maybe a scientific name?

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    Re: snake plant perch??

    The botanical name is something like sanivarious or something similiar. It's also called mother-in-law-tongue.I've seen it listed as non-toxic for birds but I just worry to put it in his cage as he is a chewer, I'm just unsure as to what non-toxic really means. (I'm not that dumb!!!) but, to keep it in as a perch............?

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    desert penguin1337

    Re: snake plant perch??

    If it's listed as non-toxic it should be ok, but it's good that you're being so careful. My mom has tons of plant books, I'll see what I can find

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    Mama Bear Darwin

    Re: snake plant perch??

    The botannical name for the "snake plant" or "mother in law's tongue" is Sansevieria trifasciata.

    I would be a little concerned about how sharp the edges of the leaves are on this plant. The sharpness of the "tongues" is how it got its common name. You wouldn't want your little one cutting himself.

    P.S. Is your penguin from the Wallace & Grommit animated features? He looks familiar.

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    Re: snake plant perch??

    My husband thinks I'm a nerotic for being so...whatever I am over this bird!! Thanks for the appriecation, I do tend to get real paranoid over him, I still haven't put the perch in, waiting for the replies!

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    Re: snake plant perch??

    No, the ends of the leaves I'm considering aren't sharp at all, it's a nice flat surface for him to perch I'm thinking, and the edges of the leaves curl up a little to give him some grasping support, thanks for the thought though.

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