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Thread: Unpleasant bird song and raccoon's nuisance disturbs me

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    Unpleasant bird song and raccoon's nuisance disturbs me

    I am pointing out a strange issue for lack of sleep. You may think of it as a funny matter. But still, I need a solution. For the past few weeks, my sleep had been ruined by a noisy bird outside our window. We live in the center of a town in Toronto. There is a communal garden with trees outside our windows, where the nuisance sit. I usually wake up by 8 am. But now the birds noise disturbs me and I woke up at 5 am. For the past two nights, it starts its singing by 2.am. The noise it makes is not a pleasant song, but an incessant louder voice than all the other birds. Lack of sleep made me a lazy woman. I can't concentrate on my works.
    Two days before I heard another disturbing sound. At that time itself, I realized that it is not a bird's sound. Next day, I searched on the roof top and I found a raccoon family. I don't face any problems at daytime, but at night, I can't have a regular sleep. Everyday, the problems with raccoons are increasing. The odor of the raccoons is annoying.
    My husband is going to book an animal wildlife control service in Toronto. Before that, I would like to know the steps that we can take forward to remove these creatures.
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    Re: Unpleasant bird song and raccoon's nuisance disturbs me

    Check your local hardware store to see if they have raccoon traps. Ask them what they would suggest using for bait. I think it is possible to trap them. Then, when trapped, take therm to a wild life rescue. They will release therm into the wild.

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