My fids have been eating mostly zupreem (fruit/natural 50:50 mix) with just a little Roudybush crumble mixed in because I was nearly out & I was rationing it until I placed my food order. lol.
(zupreem fruity goes to waste w/ my fids because they each ONLY eat their favorite colors and leave the rest... lol)

Well, this time when I ordered food, I got the Roudybush Mini size... I held a piece up to Holly and she LUNGED for it.... and then ate about 10 more pieces from my hand... I showed her her dish and she hasn't stopped eating it since.
Meena saw her going crazy for it & decided he would try the new bigger pellet too.... he's nearly emptied his dish now too!

I have NEVER seem them both go so crazy over a food unless it was millet.

They like zupreem, but they love roudybush.... and I think they really like the mini size best of all.