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Thread: Eggs not hatching

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    Eggs not hatching

    My female Cockatiel laid some eggs a month ago and they still have not hatched. I never had to deal with this sort of thing before so I' am so confused. I know there are guides to this on the internet but I cant seem to understand them so I'm thankful for any help.

    These 2 Cockatiels have been mating for about 3 years and for some reason now the female laid 6 eggs. Why did she lay eggs now? I got them from a pet store, if that counts for anything.

    Since it has been an month since the eggs were lain, will they hatch? If they are not going to what should I do? I have the female cockatiel with the eggs in a separate cage than the male since they sometimes fight. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Eggs not hatching

    Have you candled the eggs to see if they were fertile?

    If they were fertile, and died (became DIS, which means 'dead in shell') this could be from several things. Without the male the eggs may not have been continuously incubated, and at some point got chilled, and died. If DIS, and fully developed it could be due from low environmental humidity.

    Or they may not have been fertilzed at all.

    Need more info from you. Please candle the eggs.
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    Re: Eggs not hatching

    to candle them hold them up against a light source you should see veins or the baby itself.
    A female can and do lay unfertilized eggs when they were not exposed to males. If they have not hatched i remove them and expose of them

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