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Thread: Hello Fellow Bird Lovers

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    Hello Fellow Bird Lovers

    I have owned pet birds for thirty three years since I was a child. I started out with parakeets used ot have a bunch of them. Then in 1997 I bought my "daughter" home. Here name is Sheba. She is a peal cockatiel I had her plus the five parakeets when my evil landlord found out found out I found only keep one bird which was Sheba I had to get rid of my beloved buddy who I had for almost ten year. I found good homes for all of them
    Sheba is a special needs bird. She have liver problems and intestinal problems and takes many medications. But she is a fighter. he has been hospitalized several times. She is a hand fed baby. When I The pet store I bought her at has the breeder come in once a once with the baby birds. He told me she was a male so I named her Jimmy than she was six month old she laid an egg LOL. I said I have to change her name, She was sitting on her playground like a queen and thus I came up with the name Sheba like the queen of Sheba. and believe me the name fits her perfectly. She gettings into everythings. I have had the buttons on my remotes all chewed off as well as the tips of my shoelaces. but I love her to death

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    Re: Hello Fellow Bird Lovers

    Welcome to the site!!

    Your Sheba sounds like a perfect bird. My heart melts for the "special" ones always and I think them being special just makes us parronts love them more then ever.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Hello Fellow Bird Lovers

    welcome to the board. Sorry you had to find new homes for your other birds

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