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Thread: Male mating behaviour

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    Male mating behaviour

    So Buddy is about 20 months old now and has been so moody the last few days.....I thought maybe he was just a bit grumpy with the heat and all the xmas tension floating around the house but....I just caught him masturbating with the remote controls on our big fluffy foot cushion!!! LOL No wonder he's been so moody if he's had those hormones raging. I have a couple of questions.

    1. I read somewhere that vets say to discourage this because they can get bacteria into their open vents so whats the concencus around here as to discouraging or letting them go?

    2. Do the males get this in heat or is this potentially just going to be part of everyday life now?

    3. He's been going to sleep in an air conditioned room at night time lately, could this have speeded up his hormones? Its not super cold, only 26degrees celcius so its only a couple of degrees cooler than the average 30 here at the moment.

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    Re: Male mating behaviour

    tis the season for it. my females masterbating all over the place and my boy is spending most of his time trying to chat her up through the cage bars! there are times when birds are more sexually active than others (like now) but they can have babies anytime, all year round. id just let them go. how would you like it if someone stopped you? i know i wouldnt so i just let mine do what they feel (just not with each other!). the air con wont affect it at all.

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