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Thread: New Member I have a 22 year old Peach Fronted Conure....

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    Talking New Member I have a 22 year old Peach Fronted Conure....

    My PFC is having some issues with seeds and throwing them up. He had this issue a few years ago and I changed his bird seed brand and started making him healthy pumpkin, flaxseed, walnut, oats, rye, wheat, barley muffins. He loves them. But now he is even throwing up the walnuts that are in them.

    So I will start food processing them down to a fine dust.

    Anyone else having this problem with older Peach Fronted Conures or conures in general or birds in general?

    p.s. He did have conure bleeding syndrome as a baby, and he came through it. I gave him spinach and other veges and he seemed to healthy after that.

    He digests veges and his muffins fine. So I think it is related to chunkier foods that he is not chewing up good. Do birds normally not chew their food up?
    Last edited by leo3; 02-12-2010 at 07:15 PM. Reason: Clear up misunderstanding that he is sick, he isn't chewing/digesting seeds only, not other food.

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