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Tough love is good love as well at times and I think you did very good noticing this and taking it away. Its harder to do this for ourselves because no one is taking away all them good cookies and other things we humans love to eat, if only someone could take it all away but then I would have to kill for my goodies and the hubby wouldnt like that

I am happy things are good with you and peachy, I am great here.
Thanks, we are the best to observe our little feathered friends.

I am helping to eat some of Peaches cheerios in the morning, LOL. So they won't go stale on him while he eats his little supply. But he doesn't get my cheesecake from TJ's. Oh my gosh I would kill if that was taken away, LOL. Still think I need tough love to cut those fat and calories out.

Glad you are well.