I know people mean well, but saying he needs to see a vet is not why I am posting this. I get that response from what I am posting.

He has been throwing up seeds only; he digests his veges and muffins fine. He is eating other foods fine, and has not lost any weight (I weigh him daily). He just is not chewing and digesting seeds well. I think he is not chewing them up enough, or his older digestive system is not digesting like he use to.

People have digestive problems as they age, and they are not sick. They adjust by changing their diet. I just wondered if anyone else has had this experience with an older bird.

P.S. I have had to stop his seeds for now. I feed him just extremely healthy muffins (homemade), veges, fruits, etc.

Thanks. I wonder if anyone has an older conure with this problem. He did this a few years back, so I started making him muffins and changed bird seed. All was well for years. I don't think it is the bird seed as I sprouted some and they all sprouted; so they are fresh.