Dr. Fosters is a good seed blend so it shouldn't be his seeds doing this to him. In my head I am wondering if he could have possibly hurt his crop somehow recently? Does he throw up the seeds right away after eating them? Or do they sit around in there for a bit and then come up? Boomer had a crop issues and we think possibly a tumor or really bad ulcer in his crop and he would eat the dried corn out of the seed mix sometimes and be able to swallow it but after sitting in there for many a couple of minutes he would throw them back up again. I know they hurt him being in his crop and I think it may be the sharp edges of the corn that hurt him. But another clue he had crop troubles was that he also couldnt eat cuttlebones or mineral blocks anymore because the roughness made him get gas and get sickly.

Boomer was a Lovebird and developed his troubles around 8 1/2 years old and died before he turned 12. When he first got sick I did take him right to the vets to have them help him, they didnt and they didnt know what was wrong with him for over a year when finally they found Avian gastric yeast in him. They treated him and he got better but the damage inside was done and he forever had yeast infections that flared up in him. Before he was diagnosed with the yeast by watching him closely, like I said we know our birds well, I figured out exactly what he could eat and what he couldnt eat. He was easy to tell when he wasnt well, he stretched his little head back to the left to open the right side where his crop is so that he could release his gas out of his belly. Yeast makes them all gassy with lots of stomach issues.

I still am going to stand strong here and say if the seeds make your conure sick just dont give them to him anymore. As long as your conures poops look good and he is acting fine for some strange reason he just cannot digest seeds anymore. I still wonder if maybe he has crop issues but then who knows... Please if you see your conure show any signs of sickness when it isnt getting seeds do take him right to the vets, they really are the best people to help. Boomer did go often to his vet but it was me who changed his diet and truly helped him by doing so. Even boomers vet was amazed he lived so long with yeast and she too said it was because I knew how to help him through closely watching him and changing his diet. But he did see his vet at the most every 6 months and sometimes much more then that if needed. I cant say not taking your Conure to a vet is a good idea but I can say NOT giving him seeds anymore is a really good thing for him, if he cant eat them then just dont give them to him anymore.