Hey everyone. Just thought I would post something about my baby 'tiel I'm hand feeding. He just turned a month old today and is doing great. I decided I'm going to call the little 'tiel Meeko. As far as I know Meeko is a whiteface pearl. Meeko has just realized he's got wings and what they are for so he's been flapping and stretching them a lot lately. His little feet look weird when he's walking around, but he's learning. He has just began to step up and is doing a good job at it so far. Yesterday he was only able to get one foot up, now he can get both up. He's very active and when he wants attention I know it. Lol. Meeko has been nibbling at some millet spray I have in the cage and seems to like it. Right now he seems to think he can eat the flashing lights on my laptop. Anyways Meeko is doing great so far. I keep talking to him, hopefully I'll hear some familiar words or whistle when he gets a little older. That's assuming Meeko is a boy, which I'm not sure of. I guess I'll find out sooner or later. Either way Meeko is my little buddy. Here are some pics. Sorry they aren't the best. I can't find my camera so I used my phone.