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Thread: Watery Poop

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    Watery Poop

    Hi everyone!

    My Marty has started doing really watery poos. They are generally runny, lighter green and the poo is surrounded by quite a lot of water.

    I am feeding her a pelleted diet, and vegetables as normal. As far as I am aware she is not drinking heaps of water or anything.

    She seems completely well otherwise.

    Any ideas? Thanks.


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    Re: Watery Poop

    you could boil the water
    might be something there upseting her
    and i would get her on some scales and track her weight
    and i would try and mark how much water she is drinking

    and i'd call a vet, maybe have a little chat and make an appointmet for a couple of days time- in case this doesnt go away

    Also- i always offer millet when they have upset tummies. It's tasty and really easy to digest

    Are you sure she hasnt gotten into something she shouldnt have?

    Also is it only the faeces that are green? If the urine or urates are coloured you might want to make sure the vet knows that!

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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    Re: Watery Poop

    Agree with everything posted above, just wanted to ask if the veggies you are feeding have changed. Mine will have watery poops when I feed them fruit and veggies that contain alot of water. I give mine some avicake or nutriberries when they have digestive problems. Millet sounds like a great idea too since it will also absorb water.
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