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Thread: Zinc in hot water?

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    Zinc in hot water?

    I read an article that said there was zinc in the pipes used for hot water and that you should not use warm/hot water around your bird and should run cold through the faucet for several minutes to wash out zinc from the pipes before using cold.

    Has anyone heard this? Any truth to it?

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    Re: Zinc in hot water?

    There is all kinds of gunk in your water, whether it be city or well water. Pipes can play a part in some of the materials you find in your water - but just because your neighbor has (for example) zinc free water, does not mean you're safe too. The only way to know for certain what exactly comes out of your faucet is to have testing done in your home.

    http://projects.nytimes.com/toxic-waters/contaminants Might be an interesting resource if you wish to take this to the next step.

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