I have a question regarding my new bird Sammie. He is 2 months old, and I got him 3 weeks ago. I have been hand feeding him, which isn't a problem. At first when I bought him, he had alot of food caked on both sides of his face, which created something that looked like "large side-burns." Since then I have cleaned him up and kept him clean; however he started sneezing (I think) and his normal "crying" for food sounds, started being faint and hoarse sounding. And his chirping is not as often, I am thinking he has a sore throat, maybe. I am afraid I had not kept him warm enough after his daily baths, and he might have caught a cold. I live in California and he spends alot of time in the sun, which he loves. He acts normal otherwise, still eats good, has normal droppings, acts like a normal curious bird, and he sleeps all night. Is there anything I can do to help his hoarse voice, I comfort him and feed him regularly so he doesn't have to strain his voice...but any advice you may have would be extremely helpful.