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Thread: Dogs and birds?

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    Re: Dogs and birds?

    Very good post i like it very much good work keep it up...

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    Re: Dogs and birds?

    my dog and budgies just ignore each other but when the budgies are excited and flap about the cage the dog kinds of gets excited and tries to catch them

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    Re: Dogs and birds?

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetytweety View Post
    we have five dogs here
    the only i dont trust at all is the sighthound (in this case i have used a bark collar for dog) he totally ignores them in the cages but he will go for them if theyre flying around so we always take him outside or take the birds to another room
    we have cats too and although they dont stalk the birds they will also jump at a flying bird (ours are clipped so they cant really get away if need be)

    the other four dogs have no interest in the birds and are very obedient ...can be called off instantly if a bird is on the floor
    but we never ever leave birds free and unsupervised
    in cages theyre not bothered by the dogs ..we got all of our birds as handreared babies and they show no fear of dogs or cats
    sometimes the sighthound will nose around for food scraps in the big birds cage and the eclectus will go for him...

    we are ever vigilant but it is usually fine...life with dogs and cats and birds can be surprisingly harmonious and easy if care is taken

    Hi sweetytweety, Thanks for the information. I have also a plan to train my birds with dog.
    Yes, I am a writer and write my blog Reviews Done.

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