Fly Free, Sweet Birdy
by Erin CG, 2004

Fly free, sweet birdy, above the trees,
And perch upon the clouds.
Lift your beak and open wide,
Sing long and sweet and loud

Wake the skies around you,
Till angels join your call.
Shake your tail and prance around,
And your song will downward fall.

We on earth who morn your passing
Will hear the glorious sound.
We will stop and cast our eyes above
And feel your presence all around.

For though your humans left behind
Will forever miss your voice,
We’ll hear it if we listen on clear, calm days.
We’ll remember your life, and rejoice.

So thank you, birdy, for just being you,
For giving meaning to our days.
We hope you rest and sing in peace,
We love you, now and always.