hello my lovebird laid her first egg a week ago. now she is very swollen near her rear. i took her to the vet and he said it could be a hernia, a swollen uterus, or a soft shelled egg. she seems to be moving around as if nothing is wrong but you can see how swollen she is. the vet couldnt tell me without an x-ray what it was and i couldnt afford an xray cause they wouldnt bill me and wanted the money up front and i just didnt have it. i just barely had the money to have her looked at and that was basically a waste because they didnt tell me what was wrong with her. any help would be nice. is she going to be ok? can the situation work itself out. she doesnt seem to be in any pain she isnt screaming and she moves around fine when she comes out of her box. but she is breathing heavier than normal.