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Thread: Is personality unique to humans?

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    Is personality unique to humans?

    Is personality unique to humans?

    I have seen how different Riamfada was from Tinkerbell.
    And the differences between the cats in my life.
    Now this article from BBC. And below taken from that article which might give you folks food for thoughts.

    • Individual animals display different personalities across a range of species, including mammals,fish, birds, insects and molluscs
    • These personality traits control whether individual animals are leaders or followers, bold or shy, aggressive or passive, for example. As with people, some animal's personalities change as they age

    What fascinate me was that those researchers found that even so-called low life forms like insects and molluscs have different personalities.

    What more with parrots more intelligent than the great apes and dolphins.

    Kind of ludicrous that folks can think they know so much of parrots in general because they go through a behaviourlogyaeiou course/courses and therefore not only they know all but can tell all what their birds are like and should be like
    without seeing or knowing their birds. That no need to listen to your birds, just listen to them as they know all that is to be known.

    Reminded me of Victorian scientists who just gotten toe hold in analytical science and proud that their laboratories can refine substances and test substances to 99.99% purity.
    Should a computer silicon chip be given to them, they will test it and declare they know all that is to know about it and that the purity is 99.99% and strut around petting themselves on their back.

    They would not realise the purity of silicon in chip is 99.999999% and that it is the 0.000000001% impurity of less than made the silicon chip more than just silicon and gave it soul and brains.
    Warmest regards

    山 龍


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    Re: Is personality unique to humans?

    While there maybe normal behaviors attributed to each type of animal, they are still individuals.
    And nobody who does not have hands on to interpret each animal then very hard and not conclusive.
    One of the reasons sometimes the bird owner is a better judge than the vet when it come to reading and understanding body language.
    Has anybody who seen to identical birds in character. No I very much doubt it.
    But there are some behaviors that are common to each species. i know my guys all have their own individual likes and dislikes, and all behave differently.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: Is personality unique to humans?

    I am of the opinion that each and every creature, whether animal, bird, mammal, or human, each have their very own unique personality! ALL are like snowflakes! If you were to ever be able to observe a snow flake (before it melts), under a microscope, you would find that each one has its very own form, its own beautiful lacy features, and is unique from any other.

    I am convinced that ALL creatures and humans of the world are connected in some way that is a mystery to us. Through the billiions of years ALL creatures have evolved. We can see the distinct personalities of our beloved pets, if we observe them and watch them carefully. I have no doubt each lives in its own "world" so to speak and communicates with not only its species but with other animals, mammals, insects, etc. as well. As a human person, I have no doubt that my birds can on some level communicate their feelings to me. It matters not that they don't have a human brain. My birds were brought into my life for the simple reason to teach me many lessons of nature. And they surely have done so. Sometimes our human lives become so complicated. As I watch my little birds each day, they live a simple uncomplicated life, and enjoy their lives one moment at a time.

    If and when we can take a look at ALL creation, and realize indeed we are connected with each other, Universal LOVE would blossom and turn into a beautiful butterfly of awareness of the connection between us all! What a wonderful peaceful world that will be!
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    Re: Is personality unique to humans?

    I think every breed of animals all have something that is the same yet each one is unique.

    I never had two birds of the same species to observe but I sure can tell you that all the birds I have met have always been different then all the others. They seem just like people and all have that one unique thing that makes them different in personality and likes. To think any bird that is the species is going to be the same is crazy thinking.

    I grew up thinking the best way to live a good life in this world is to be unique and different then everyone else in your thoughts and ways. To me we are individuals and if we try to be like everyone else we will just get lost in this world. But if we are different then everyone else boy do people pay attention. Some may say that is crazy but to me different is good and what makes us human.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Is personality unique to humans?

    I was talking on the phone with the lady that boarded my birds, when Birdi Lou's days were numbered, and I said, "There will never be another Birdi Lou." and she replied, "No. There won' be. And there will never be another Malcolm either. They are all very different." I totally agree. They all have their own personalities. All cats I've ever had have had different personalities too.

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    Re: Is personality unique to humans?

    I never considered that animals don;t have their own personalities and likes and dislikes.
    When I kept fish, even the little barbs have different personalities. Some were always nosey, and would investigate things, whereas others (same shoal and species purchased at the same time) and others would shoot off at the slightest sign of movement. If a tiny fish does, then of course others do.

    And all my animals have had different, distinct personalities. From the little hamsters, through my birds, and my dogs...

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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