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Thread: Online Avian medicine

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    Exclamation Online Avian medicine

    Can the following be made into a Sticky thread?

    On-Line addition of Avian Medicine:
    Principles and Applications
    Use the Index page to look-up what info you need. You might want to print out the index page for reference. I have listed the page numbers to each chapter below. Since the online manual is in PDF format you are going to have to click on the chapter link and then page to the page needed for the info seeking.


    Chapter 1: The Avian Patient: pages 26-44
    Chapter 2: The avian Flock: pages 45-62
    Chapter 3: Nutrition: pages 63-95
    Chapter4: Persprctive on Parrot Behavior: pages 96-108
    Chapter 5:Defense Mechanisms of the Avian Host: pages 109-120
    Chapter 6: Future Preventative Medicine: pages 121-127
    Chapter 7: Practice Dynamics: pages 132-143
    Chapter 8: Making distinctions in a physical Exam: pages 144-175 (Excellent color plates droppings, etc)
    Chapter 9: Hematology: pages 176-198
    Chapter 10: Cytology: pages 199-222
    Chapter 11: Biochemistries: pages 223-245
    Chapter 12: Imaging techniques: pages 246-326 (lots of B&W X-ray images)
    Chapter 13: Endoscopic Exam. And Biopsy Technoques: pages 327-354
    Chapter 14: Necropsy Examination: pages 355-379
    Chapter 15: Supportive care and Emergency therapy: pages 383-416 (excellent info)
    Chapter 16 Trauma Medicine: pages 417-433
    Chapter 17: Antimicrobial Therapy: pages 434-456 ( a must read prior chapter 1
    Chapter 18: Formulary: pages 457-478 ( lists common meds, dosages, cautions, etc.)
    Chapter 19: Gastroenterology: pages 482-521
    Chapter 20:
    Hepatology: pages521-537
    Chapter 21: Nephrology: pages 538-555
    Chapter 22: Pneumonology: pages 556-581
    Chapter 23: Endocrinology: pages 582-606
    Chapter 24: Dermatology: pages 607-639
    Chapter 25: Onocology: pages 640-672
    Chapter 26: Ophthalmology: page 673-694 (excellent color plate of eye injuries and infections)
    Chapter 27: Cardiology: pages 695-722
    Chapter 28: Neurology: pages 723-747
    Chapter 29: Theriogenology: pages 748-804 (A must read chapter on hens reproductive problems)
    Chapter 30: Neonatology: pages 805-838 (covers some problems with chicks)
    Chapter 31: Malnutrition: pages 842-861 (very good info)
    Chapter 32: Viruses: pages 862-948
    Chapter 33: Bacteria: pages 949-983
    Chapter 34: Chlamydia: pages 984-996
    Chapter 35: Mycosis: pages 997-1006
    Chapter 36: Parasites: pages 1007-1029
    Chapter 37: Toxins: pages 1030-1052
    Chapter 38: Mycoplasma and Rickettsia: pages 1053-1063
    Chapter 39: Anesthesiology: pages 1066-1080
    Chapter 40: Surgical considerations: pages 1081-1095
    Chapter 41: Soft Tissue Therapy: pages 1096-1136
    Chapter 42: Orthopedic Surgical techniques: pages 1137-1169
    Chapter 43: Passeriformes: pages 1172-1199
    Chapter 44: Columbiformes: pages 1200-1217
    Chapter 45: Galliformes: pages 1218-1236
    Chapter 46: Anseriformes: pages 1237-1275
    Chapter 47: Ramphastidae: pages 1276-1283
    Chapter 48: Ratites: pages 1285-1326
    APPENDIX: pages 1330- to index page
    Visit my Website: http://justcockatiels.weebly.com/
    1999-2012 Susanne Russo All rights reserved on my personal postings and digital images. This material is NOT property of this forum, and also can not be taken, re-worded/edited and posted elsewhere without my permission.

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    Re: Online Avian medicine

    Susanne, thank you for sharing this information with Tailfeathers!
    I am making it a sticky, and closing it. If you wish to add any info at any time, please PM me and I will open it for you.

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