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Thread: God Speed My Dear Friend: A Poem

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    Re: God Speed My Dear Friend: A Poem

    thank you boobirds...that was lovely!

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    God Speed My Dear Friend: A Poem

    "God Speed My Dear Friend"

    How can I help you
    Go in peace
    When you've been
    A part of my life
    For so long
    But age has caught you my friend
    And the time has come for me
    To send you on your way
    Please know that my heart is breaking
    But you told me it was time
    I'll miss those brown eyes
    That smile
    The way you stayed by my side
    Some say you were crazy
    And you didn't mean a thing
    But in my heart your my friend
    I'll miss your welcome when I came home
    From work
    Nothing can replace your love
    Some day I'll cross that bridge
    ANd see you again
    Where you human?
    No, your my dog
    And I love you
    So Godspeed my friend
    Time to run the medows
    Of the Rainbow Bridge
    And time for you to be whole again

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