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Thread: How do you know if your lovebird actually likes you?

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    How do you know if your lovebird actually likes you?

    So I know that I haven't been on very much lately, but being a high school senior has been realllly hectic so far!

    Anyway, my question is how do you know if your bird is actually bonded to you or not? Ringo's hand tame and will step up 99 percent of the time, but usually just for me.
    However, he's kind of been territorial lately, as in ruffling his neck feathers and clicking/grinding his beak at me when I try to take him from his cage or play stand.
    He also will not tolerate me touching him anywhere except sometimes his tummy, and if I try to give him scritches on his head or bad, he either flies away or nips at me.
    He's never actually bitten me hard, even when he's being grumpy at me.

    So I'm just wondering if Ringo just sees me as a perch and dislikes me or does he actually like me? I sit and talk/sing to him, have him out with me around the house, and try to feed him fruits/veggies when I'm eating them, but all he'll take is millet.
    Is it possible he just isn't very playful or cuddly?

    Sorry this is so long, but I know it's usually best to explain as much as I can.
    Hopefully you guys will be able to give me some insight into this.


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    Re: How do you know if your lovebird actually likes you?

    I wondered the same thing since Ham is hand adverse. Here are some signs that I think indicate she does like me:

    I've been working long hours away from home. Even though my mom is here with her on a visit, when I come home she goes kind of crazy and excited for a while ringing her bells and chirping and running around. Also something she never used to do is just jump on me when I get close to her cage! She's actually a little needy.

    If I am in the office for a while she will walk over and come to the room.

    Now when she jumps on me she likes to get on my shoulder and try to preen me though she is still too hard with that sharp beak so I have to shoo her off.

    She never used to do these things, so what seemed to bring it out in her was the absence of my presence. Maybe Ringo will start showing that behavior.

    I was just thinking, this is the same as wondering if somebody likes you. The answer is, if they want to be around you.
    Last edited by Cheaps; 12-05-2010 at 08:18 PM.
    We got lots of Ham here

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    Re: How do you know if your lovebird actually likes you?

    Poop on the head, true sign of love

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    Re: How do you know if your lovebird actually likes you?

    Quote Originally Posted by mask View Post
    Poop on the head, true sign of love
    Very much so, the more poop the more you're loved (unfortunately). Or the more birds you have ...

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    Banned Hatching
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    Re: How do you know if your lovebird actually likes you?

    Hi Emily,
    if you had had some pairs of birds you would have noticed that some times they fight between their ;
    this behaviour is normal however they love them and they riproduce doing other babies birds.
    which it leads me to say that your bird is bonded at you but he sees you like his mate, for this reason is normal that sometimes he bites you.
    you have to respect his space because he is an territorial animal and he is jelous of his objects.
    you don't worry; you have to be sure that he love you just as much as you love him.
    thumbs up!! you have to be always sure of your passion towards these fantastic animals.

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    Re: How do you know if your lovebird actually likes you?

    Is Ringo going through a molt by any chance? It could be time for them to molt and he may not want you to touch him because it hurts him. We couldn’t touch boomer at all for about 3 weeks because we think it hurt him when he was getting the new feathers in.

    In time I think every lovie will love its owner and be bonded to you in "Its" own way. Some lovies are love bums and just want to be held and loved all day and some are wild and crazy and just want to play all day but still love there owner, just not in the touchy feely way we crave and want them to be like.

    Wow Cheeps, that Ham is full of surprises... I told you all along she loved you and now she misses you, that is too sweet!
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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