Hello all,

My 14year old budgie recently seems to have developed problems with his right foot. For the past couple of days he seems to be unable to use his foot for staying on his perch; having trouble manipulating his toes. Yesterday I noticed that the joint of the toe to the foot is looking a little pink. I am unable to check his left foot as it's covering it and I'm afraid to move him in fear of making him panic.

He's also looking a little ruffled and seems to be eating and drinking ok, although he ignores the vitamins and fruits and egg I leave out for him.

I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, and whilst I'm unable to find any avian vets and am not trusting our local vets in general (no experience with treating exotic birds) it's currently snowing heavily and am very worried about transporting him. The flat is heated very well at all hours of the day.

Anyone have any idea's what could be wrong with him? I'm extremely worried and him and am at a loss at what to do. I've done my utmost to keep him warm and comfortable and have been recommended to give him some camomile.

Thanks for any advice!