Scotty the Gimp continues to scream. I've tried covering him, isolating him in the dark, and ignoring him. He has other birds for company, he has plenty of food and new toys to play with, exercise and out of cage time. He still gets into moods where he shrieks every 30 seconds or so despite my best efforts. He doesn't appear to have any goal in mind, he doesn't seem to respond to human or bird attention. This could change as he bonds with his cagemate, but for now it can be really, really hard to deal with.

Today, after 3 hours of ignoring or covering his cage for screaming, I decided that shrieking means it is time to cuddle Scotty. This is much more pleasant than screaming "shutupshutupshuupSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!!" He shrieks, I towel him and snuggle him against my chest for a while. The first time I let him wiggle loose and then he immediately flew back to his cage. The second time he settled onto my shoulder and preened my hair for a while before flying back.

After another shriek he is back on my shoulder again. I figure he can learn the shriek/attention connection and then we can work on better ways to get attention. At least this way he can have a reason to scream instead of shrieking to no point or purpose. Plus I get to snuggle him. He's a gentle guy, but very skittish of hands and very bad at hanging onto things.

(He just walked up my shoulder to give me a kiss before launching himself onto the ceiling fan. This is way better than ignoring shrieking all day.)