Hi , i have two cockatiels , but this post is about Wolfie. See Wolfie is a 2 year old very tame bird that we let him out and he fly's around the room and we can can stoke him, but nearly every time we let him out he fly's around the room like a maniac and then lands on the curtain pole by this time his wings are up in the air and he is swaying, so i can tell he is about to have a fit, now he has loads we have learned to hold him still and gently stroke him while talking to him in a soft voice. These fits last about 30 seconds to a minute , after he has had his fit we put him back in the cage and he goes really sleepy. These fits are really distressing to watch and it breaks my heart , its like he has asthma. Can anyone tell me what it is and if we can help him. Thanks