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Thread: Diamond Dove needs a Mate?

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    Diamond Dove needs a Mate?

    Beau my Diamond Dove has been chasing Bella around and she is quite upset. Normally he'll follow her around/chase her away from food and she'd back away as fast as possible. Now he runs after her and she flies away screaming and refuses to go anywhere near him. She seems stressed by his attentions and he is obviously frustrated. I think he needs another dove but I have to be careful because he is known to be a bit feisty.

    I want to try to find him a girlfriend but I am afraid of ending up with three birds that fight instead. I need to acquire a female dove that I can return if things go sour, as has happened in the past. I'm guessing a breeder but I don't like the idea of having a dove mailed to me. The pet stores do sell doves but by the time quarantine is over I wouldn't be able to return her.

    I don't even know if I should buy him a girlfriend. Maybe I should give him to someone who can give him space and lots of friends. If I close him in his big flight cage he looks cramped. Also, he doesn't get along well with a lot of doves so he might need to be kept as part of a pair.
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    Re: Diamond Dove needs a Mate?

    Sad. I hate it when you feel that you are at a last resort for your Fid! My Parakeets pick on my cockatiel, and he fears them. I keep them separate during play time.
    I hope everything works out for Bella, Seems like she may be getting a bit stressed out, maybe things will settle down and you can get him a friend, don't give up hope yet!
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    Re: Diamond Dove needs a Mate?

    Katie you have a PM

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