Hi everyone, sorry if this has already been answered but I can't find this specific question when I search.

My single female tiel has been sitting on her unfertilized eggs for about 4 weeks now (first clutch). I know I am supposed to remove them once she abandons them and not before. How do I tell for sure? She had only been coming out of her cage in the evenings to have her huge BM and get some love for a short time and then back in. Yesterday, however, she stayed out of the cage all day, and when I put her in it, she sat on her perch at the top and not in the nest box on her eggs. I removed the nest box in the afternoon to see if she would fuss at me, but she didn't care. Then at bedtime she was pacing and anxious. I worried she hadn't actually given up her eggs and returned the box with eggs, which she promptly got back in and hissed at me as before. Now today, she has again spent the entire day out of the cage and ignoring the eggs.

Should I go ahead and remove them or give her more time? I'm not sure if abandoning them is a "slow process" of giving them up or just an overnight decision. I definitely don't want to remove them too soon and cause her to try to lay more.

Thanks everyone!!