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Thread: New here, thought I would introduce myself and the birds.

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    New here, thought I would introduce myself and the birds.

    I am Jenny, and I am new on here, and I figured I would show you my birds. I love these little guys.
    I don't have many pictures of them, but here is the group photo,

    From left to right, Ozzy, Sunshine, Skye, and Normandy.

    Ozzy is first because is is like a child to me.

    I adopted him with Normandy. He has some health issues, so I have to be extremely careful with him. I am not sure exactly what is wrong with him, because there are no avian vets in my area. He just stays a lot like this, in sleepy mode, though he does sing and play like a healthy birdie. I can't let him fly around like the other birds, because he runs into things, and the first time he ran into a bunch of clothes, I never really let him fly unsupervised. (maybe he can't see well? because his wings are not clipped.) I still take him out every day and pet him and give him his head scratches, and occasionally let him fly from my hand to his cage (which he is getting better at) I feel bad for not getting him checked out, but if I could find a vet for birds in my area I would. I try to monitor everything with him very closely, and he has gotten so much healthier over the past few months. I love this little guy to death.

    This is Sunshine, I adopted her from another home by herself. She has the biggest personality I have seen in such a little bird.

    I got her from another home. She was a very scared bird, and would scream if a hand came near her cage. She also bites really hard. Over the past few months, she has tamed down so much.
    see? Sunshine and I

    She has developed a very mischievous personality. She isn't afraid of me anymore, but likes to play games when I let her out to fly around. She will jump on my hand or fly to it, and when I get close to the pen, she laughs and flies away, (normally to the curtain of a window. Since her wings have grown out, she loves flying around, and even goes to look at the fish in my room. lol (the tank is birdie safe) She is like a two year old kid, getting into everything. Oh, and she LOVES her nest box, and her bell lol. She will have a whistle war with anyone, and it is hilarious how excited she gets when you talk to her.

    I don't have a picture on the computer of Skye or Normandy. I will tell their stories too though.

    Normandy came along with Ozzy, and he isn't very tame. He eats out of my hand and will step up occasionally, but I try not to bother him too much. He is very playful, and sings a lot. He even incorporates Mario Bros noises, (the jumping sound). He likes to spend time outside of the cage and I never have a problem getting him back in there. He bonded with Skye, and they spend most of their time feeding each other, or chasing each other.

    Skye is a crested girl, I got her when she was a baby. She has never been tame at all, and has a nasty little bite. Since she prefers Normandy, and Normandy prefers her, I leave them be most of the time. She is extremely playful, and chews on everything. She likes to sit on her perch flapping her wings, and fly around the cage. She adores flying outside of it too, (she just doesn't like to be put back in there). She is a cute little girl.

    So that is my little flock, hope you guys like it ;p

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    Re: New here, thought I would introduce myself and the birds.

    Hello and welcome, you have a pretty little flock.

    If you have a bird club in your area, the members would know of a bird vet. If you have a petsmart with a banfield clinic attached, typically they have someone who can treat birds there because the petsmart sells birds and banfield is where the employees take sick animals. Also, some "small animal" clinics have vets that can treat birds without being certified - my vet is not a certified avian vet (the nearest one to me that is certified is about 5 hours away), but the they specialize in birds and see all the birds in the city, they even have bird anatomy posters up in their office instead of the typical dog/cat posters.

    If you post the general area where you live, someone here may be able to point you in the direction of a bird club, bird fair, or bird friendly vet in your area. Obviously don't post exactly where you live, but if we can help we will!

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    Cool Re: New here, thought I would introduce myself and the birds.

    Hi Jenny and flock! Welcome to TF - you have some really sweet looking little budgies there. My smallest bird is a lovie and I don't have any budgies, so I guess you could call me budgie-impaired.

    In any case, welcome on board - hope to see you around.

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    Re: New here, thought I would introduce myself and the birds.

    The Mario Bros noises got me. That is AWESOME!!! It would be the best to hear them chirp something along the lines of a coin collecting noise. I would be so confused.

    It's so wonderful to see such a pretty and happy flock of birds! I got a little one who's terrified of me right now but she's pretty new and gets along with my other little one, so that's all that matters. Long as she's happy for a majority of the time (except when I come near and change food/water )

    I have a baby named Sunshine too :P she is my Sunshine though.. like in the song. Such a good bird!

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