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Thread: bird/ K-9

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    bird/ K-9

    Hi friends! I have a 4 month old male parrotlet named nickles. I also have two dogs. I have read somewhere that K-9 saliva is deadly to birds. Is this true? During Nickles training sessions I always keep my dogs in another room. Just to get Nickles used to me. I have had him for just under two weeks. I am going slow with him. But I would really like to introduce them.

    Also, should I get Nickles a friend and if so which gender? I would not mind if he paired up with a female and had a clutch. But I need way more info first. Im not too sure if having two males would be good. Would they fight??

    Anyways thanks for the time and any and all tid bits of info is truly welcomed. Thanks again

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    Re: bird/ K-9

    Welcome to TF.

    Mammal germs are/can be toxic to avians, so yes dog saliva would be bad for him. Just like your saliva is bad for him.

    I would let the parrotlet get more used to your home and introduce them through the cage first, but also it depends a lot on the dog. I personally would never trust a dog and a bird in the same room together without the cage in the way. A dog even not meaning to could kill a bird very easily. If you do let them out together, never leave them alone in the same room and train your dog the command "leave it".

    I know for tiels two males can work fine - not sure about parrotlets. Hopefully someone with experience with that species will drop in soon for you. A solo bird is fine though, if you have enough time to give him proper interaction (4+ hours a day). If you do get a second, pick up a few books on breeding before deciding which gender you want. Breeding birds can be a lot of work and money. Also, make sure you learn to hand feed (preferably from a breeder or someone else hands-on) in case a clutch is rejected.

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