Hi. I've been the proud mommy of a yellow sided GCC for a couple of years now and have been not so patiently waiting to get a B&G or my dream bird, an AG. My son is only 4 and since he was a preemie he is predisposed to asthma and other lung problems. He is also spoiled by my awesome GCC so he has no fear of putting his fingers in the cage and saying hi to "Miss Burrito". He actually read her a book the other morning Anyway, with the dust from the AGs I figure I'll have to wait til he's much older and I was kind of afraid of him losing a finger to a B&G....The bird store I go to got in some baby Hahns. They are incredibly cute and sweet (what baby bird isn't? LOL) and with their size I figure while he may get a good nip he won't lose his finger...so I bought one It's bday is May 16th (my son's bday) so it won't come home for another 8 to 10 weeks Anyway, if anyone else on here has a Hahns or other mini Macaw I'd love to hear about them.