Hi,i am a new member to this site,so first of all hello to every one.
I have just started to keep canaries,I did'nt get them for breeding but i have got 3 baby canaries about 2 month old now and i have got hooked.I did loose one and it really upset me,so if i loose any more i think i will pack up.
Anyway at the moment i have two chicks nearly 3 weeks old.One of them i am hand feeding as i know it would have died if i left it.It seems to be getting on quite well,but it's only been three days up to now.The other one seems to be going the same way.Its sweeting all the time.I keep watching to see if parents are feeding it but i am not sure as it keeps refusing to open mouth.If i fed it to make sure and put it back would it make maters worse.
Thanks to all who try to help me.