First of all, i couldnt see any definite place to ask about this topic so i figured this would be the closest. Second, i have had nothing but trouble uploading pics to this post. as a result the best i could do was upload them to TF gallery and share it publicly. If you are able to help, feel free to have a look and see what you think.


I've only had my birds for a short while and am already head over heels for both of them. the older one (Buddy) appeared on my driveway one day and couldnt fly properly (still struggles). the younger one (Goggles) was purchased on his first day out of the nest box from a breeder. i started training both as best i can and they both have responded with varying level of success.

Im really keen to find out what sex and mutation they are as i am only a novice and have no idea. Im guessing that Buddy is a hen and Goggles a cock but clarification on this would be greatly appreciated. Also buddy has not shown any signs of his/her flying getting better. He/she just seems to run out of steam after around 10 seconds. I excercise them everyday and try to get buddy to practice flying as much as possible. Is he/she too fat????

Any wisdom anyone can impart is greatly appreciated.